The SOLO Series


Hey gal! Welcome to the “The SOLO Series” Programme! 

I am so happy to have you on board. The aim of this programme is to provide you with affordable training programmes, nutritional guidance & education. 

As you may already know, my main priority is improving your relationship with food, improving your mindset and changing the way you feel about yourself. With the information and education provided in this programme, you will be able to implement what you are learning and make some big changes to your lifestyle. I am all about sustainability and enjoyment of your fitness/health journey!

Within the “The SOLO Series” Members area you will find your monthly updates training programmes for both gym AND home to allow you to adapt to current circumstances! Every programme has video demonstrations so that you can perfect your form. 

You also have access to a HUGE library of recipes and meal ideas- all of which have a calorie and macronutrient breakdown.

My Breaking the Cycle eBook is also included in the member’s area (you’ll find this in the education hub) for you FREE of charge. 

To really get the most of your subscription please do take the time to utilise all the resources that are available to you. They are continuously updated with new and improved resources for you to educate yourself and improve your lifestyle. 

If you ever need any help with anything please feel free to email me at SAZCPTSALES@GMAIL.COM and I will help you to the best of my ability! If you have any issues performing any exercise feel free to send me a video of you performing the exercise and I can offer you some more instruction on how to improve.