How would you rate your stress this week?Did you follow a morning routine this week?Did you make your bed every day this week?Did you leave your clothes out for the next day each evening?Did you plan ALL your food for the next day each evening?Why did/ did you not do these things that were mentioned above?How is your body image? how do you feel in yourself?3 THINGS YOU CAN IMPROVE/ MAIN GOALS FOR THIS WEEK:
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesNoNoNoI didn’t make my bed each morning as I had one or two days where I didn’t feel my best in terms of energy and mood wise. I haven’t planned for next day on a few days and didn’t leave my clothes out for no reason. It seemed like effort but I will be making these my number one priority this week.I feel good within myself but I’m not too happy with how my belly is looking.1. Plan for next day / lay clothes out night before 2. Try get atleast 8 hours sleep each day 3. Drink atleast 2l of water each day
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesTo keep myself on trackAwfulWater intake
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoI find it hard to get my protein in and I would happily eat same thing day in day out but bf won’t and we have meals together so he wants to change it up each eve and he does most cookingNot goodGo to gym three times Increase weights marginally on most excercise Become more comfortable with machines
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesKeep me on trackPoorEating Steps Sleep
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoNot organised for each day with shopping, felt better making bed and having clothes outOkCount cals everyday 3 workouts this week Up steps
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoTo make myself feel betterAwfulKeep my steps up Drink my water Go to bed earlier
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoNot organised, making excusesAwfulCount calories and plan meals, get in steps everyday, start work outs
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoYesI work from home so struggling to form a morning routine at the minute but it’s something I want to focus on definitely. I know I didn’t hit my protein but I’m going to improve on that this week.Very good, going away for the weekend and might even wear a bikiniI can improve on hitting my protein, doing my steps, and focusing on a morning routine
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoNaNaNa
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNo.Better than this time last weekStretch more before and after workouts Drink more water Aim for 4 workouts
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoWas on holidaysGeting navk on track todayGeting a routine back
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesNaNaNa
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesTo be prepared and start the day organisedFeeling lighterOn holidays so try to be healthy and walk every where
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoAgain I was up and down to Dublin last week so a bit all over the place Better plan this weekDefinitely feel better I’m my selfMore water More sessions Better planing with food
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoYesI always forgot to leave clothes out but I did prepare food for next dayFeeling more confidentKeep at the organisation of food Keep getting up early
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoJust startedNot greatFood Preparation
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoIt was a busy week with regard to st. Patrick’s day. I’m a college student so I went home from limerick to Ennis and kind of lost track of food planning tbh. My boyfriend and I broke up last week so I’m just trying to do little things at the moment to get me on the right track, slowly but surely!It was okay, neutral feelings this weekMore little steps! More protein, incorporate a solid morning routine
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoCouldn’t plan for the weekend but I did every other day.Not greatDrink more water and get my sessions in
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI was not organisedNot great, I know I need to lose around the middleGet organised Get to gym x 3 Hit protein
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoI wasn't organised with my food the night before at the start of the week as we had visitors over and didn't get to do a food shop until later on in the week. This part of the week the food was very spur of the moment. I didn't leave my clothes out the night before for one night as my gym clothes were all drying on the clothes horseGood! Not amazing just with my period but good-Organise all of my food for the week ahead today -Push myself more in the gym once my TOM has finished -Make more time for me, especially while work is very busy atm
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoNot syartedReally badNa
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoNot in a good routineNot goodMeal plan 2L water intake Improve Sleep pattern
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesMakes me feel less stress and organizedNot great but better than last weekMore water, early nights, more steps
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoNot trackedPoor, bloated and very little energy1. Plan out food evening before 2. 4 workouts 3. 2l water every day
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNofirst check in, will build into routine next weekNot good, very bloated and little energy1. 4 workouts 2. Plan good night before 3. Work hard during the day so I can switch off at night
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI was very stressed this week and felt the whole week got on top of me. I am going to try to sit down sunday night (after a bath!) and PLAN.I feel like crap this week- Do something for me - Plan Sunday night - Do not drink shots Saturday night
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesPlanningOkMore sessions More steps More water
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoIt’s my first week so my food wasn’t planned but I did stay on track and will start planning the night before! Clothes out the night before is something I’m Gonna start doing alsoAwful I’m not happy with how I look at all but not gonna dwell on itPlan my meals Get up 15 mins earlier than I normally would Get 4 sessions in
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI work from home so tend to get straight up and log into work and then it depends how busy my emails are what I do next. I did not plan out my meals for the next day based on macros but I will try to this week coming. I did not leave my clothes out the night before because I have time to do this in the morning.Not good, I really didn't like my first set of photos that I took last week for my progress photos.- Concentrate on Marcos this week - Drink more water this week - Do not take pre workout any evening to help me sleep much better
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoBecause most of the time I don’t feel motivated…I don’t hate my body, but I think it could improve1 - start a morning and evening routine 2 - develop the week menu