How would you rate your stress this week?Did you follow a morning routine this week?Did you make your bed every day this week?Did you leave your clothes out for the next day each evening?Did you plan ALL your food for the next day each evening?Why did/ did you not do these things that were mentioned above?How is your body image? how do you feel in yourself?3 THINGS YOU CAN IMPROVE/ MAIN GOALS FOR THIS WEEK:
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoTried to do all these but with 3 kids and work it’s not always possibleAt the moment the worst iv felt in a very long timeExcercie Good Me time
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoYesN/aNot goodIncrease water and steps
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesHelps me stay on trackok, feel like im looking a bit better than last weekTry not to go over my cals so much at the weekend, find it hard with eating out. Get my steps every day
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoYesI feel more prepared for the dayAverageSleep Stress Mental health
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesHelps get out of the house in morning, more prepared where possible.OkHit Protein Target Plan weekend better Read
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoWas better at this midweek but not to focus on being consistent at this for the weekends especially.Meh, don’t feel any change physically.Track over the weekend and plan ahead. Hitting all my gym sessions. Increase water.
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoDidn’t plan my food because I found when I did plan it the night before the next day I wasn’t in the mood for whatever I had plannedGoodMake sure I hit my protein target Hit my calorie target Keep walking everyday Start new book
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoLiking my routine and showing up for myself.Good1) More sleep 2) Less Instagram 3) More steps
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesIt helps me stay on track and be in a good routine and form good habits.AwfulAvoid body checking. Stay within cals when eating out this week. Don’t say no to doing things because of dieting.
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoMorning routines don't work with small kids 🤣 I work til late soem evenings so don't have time to plan the next dayNot great but feel better knowing I'm doing somethingTry get 4 sessions in and walks on the mornings after school runs
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYeshelps me keep in my caloriesbetter than last weekStick to my cals Get more walks - couldnt this week due to the frost Happy to get one run this week will try for 2 next week
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoI have not been in the habit of prepping clothes / food for the next dayIt’s okay. Could be better as I haven’t exercised in a while.-> Train 2 days this week -> Go to sleep earlier -> Drink more water
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoMy morning routine can be rushed. If I’m not having breakfast before work I don’t have much else to do.MehStay within cals over the weekend.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesI know i feel way more content when i control what I can. I don't like how I feel in my body right now nd i know through focusing on the every day habits i will make my way towards my goal of not being fixated on my body image.I felt ok - i dont want to focus on the weight i need to lose. Its hard when its the first week into it. I know consistency will get me to my goal.-track my weekend and plan it - continue to have less alcohol (I'm not a big drinker but i want to be more intentional with my choices . eg - wine at dinner . nice 1-2 cocktails and not binge drink. -get fresh air daily - long walks on weekends to ensure i get steps in.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesHaving some sort of routine helps us get our of the house quicker in the morning & it feeld like the morning runs a little smoother. Made bed every morning because its so nice a night getting into a fresh made bed. I left both my sons and my clothes on radiator at night - do nice to put on warm clothes on the cold mornings. "ALL" no but where I can yes, some meals I wasn't making and didn't want to say to dinner with family.OKFood - Follow TikTok SazC tip - plan meals Find more ways to up protein intake Progress in training sessions at home
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoYesLazinessNot goodSteps Protein Gym Less wine
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesI always like the term that I am organised so I can be lazy, I'm just trying to make life easier for myself and feel good.ok, I have put on a few kg in the last few months so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about that and just accept that thats life and all I can do now is make healthier choices.I need to get more sleep. Make easier cooking choices, Not let myself get too hungry between meals.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoI like a good morning routine!I feel good, though a little tired as I have my P.1) Less screen time - still working on getting that down, 2) Productivity - be less distracted, 3) Even though I walked every day, will aim for higher steps next week.
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesI’m very motivated at the minute to make changes and commit to them. I’ve been in a routine which makes it easier form these habits but also I’ve told other people what my resolutions are so I have to stick by them!I feel goodRead each night. Think of 3 positive things I’m looking forward to when I wake up each morning. Plan my meals better for the weekend
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNo1st weekAwfulKeeping my protein intake up and doing all e workouts
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoI followed a morning routine to feel more prepared and less messy for the day. Making my bed made me feel more ready for the day. I left my clothes out each night to make sure I didn’t just stay in my pjs all morning and feel lazy. I didn’t plan my food each night because I just genuinely forgot to.I’m starting to feel good1. Stretch after working out 2. More baths 3. Short walk in the morning even just 5/10 minutes
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoHaving a morning routine and a little prep help get out of the house a bit quicker in the morning. Food planning - need to get back at it and it was a case of using what was in the house this week.okFood Shop Food Prep - Plan for protein goal Get Outside
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoClothes. Bad habit. Need to try Food . Plan dailyNot goodWater. Steps
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoDidn’t have as much of a food shop to keep me going for the following day.Ok1. Tracking more accurately now that I have a scales 2. Reaching my 1900kcal target each day. I have never been on such high calories so I’m a bit apprehensive on hitting it each day. 3. Taking time to relax
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesYesI didn’t have a morning routine as I had friends staying down a few nights so it made it difficult to have a routineNot goodMore structured morning routine Get my steps up more Read more
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoA morning routine sets me up well for the day, and I am not tracking calories.I feel good usually, but tired this week as due my P.Sleep - I had a cold which disrupted my sleep Journal - I am back journalling now Me time - want to swap phone time for reading and audio books/podcasts
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoSick/ Christmas break no routineOk. I see changes and know I’ve gained fat but amnt hard on my self for it.Get back to tracking food and steps. Go to the gym x3 Go for 2 long walks Continue to journal.
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoFelt I was still on holidaysNot greatFood shop and meals planned Workouts planned Calorie’s put in for tomorrow
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoFirst check inNot goidweek one Start. Aim 2L per day .
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoHoliday yolo & possibly slipping into old habitsSo so- okPlan my meals to make sure achieving goals - food shop Walks on the days I can 3/3 workouts