How would you rate your stress this week?Did you follow a morning routine this week?Did you make your bed every day this week?Did you leave your clothes out for the next day each evening?Did you plan ALL your food for the next day each evening?Why did/ did you not do these things that were mentioned above?How is your body image? how do you feel in yourself?3 THINGS YOU CAN IMPROVE/ MAIN GOALS FOR THIS WEEK:
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoYesYesI always snooze my alarm in the morning which doesn’t allow for a smooth sailing morning.I feel great in myself once I’m training and tracking. Once that stops I feel awfulDress my bed every morning Try a new meal on the plan Train outside the woman’s area in the gym for a portion of my workouts
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoI am temporarily at home and commuting over and hour to work each morning so I am still finding a routine. It’s also a different morning depending if I am commuting with someone else. Again being at home we take turns on cooking so don’t always know what for dinner but I do track it.Not good1. Complete 4 sessions 2. Meal prep a few dinners for the end of the week when my week gets very busy. 3. Get some fresh air everyday.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesThis week I have managed to complete the above. I was delayed with my start before this due to just a lack of organisation.Good overall.1 keep tracking 2 keep journaling 3 not fitness related but will start my Chriatmas shopping haha
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoPlanning my food is on my agenda for next week! And tracking my sleep and water 🙂Ok. I'm in good shape but I feel tired and need to focus on getting good sleep1) Keep the workouts up 2) Plan food 3) Track sleep
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesNoYesNoI follow a routine, but do not impliment it as much/as well as I could have.OK overallI will track my calories. I will stick to my morning routine of journaling & making the bed. I will go to the gym & up my steps.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoFirst check inNot goodGet a routine Get more movement Improve nutrition
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI only signed up todayOkishI go gym 4 times a week , walk daily twice ( I work from home ) and swim few times a week
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesTo help organisations! Very busy with work, having a child & moving! I have to be organised!Awful! Haven't worked out in months, only walks and eating shitTry get 2 workouts in, one short (very short) run ! Stick to cals Good protein I always hit steps! So continue that!
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesOrganisingGoodSleep
Selected Value: 5 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoLack of routine as we did a few day trips with the kids. Made sure the try get protein in and brought protein snacks to keep me full. Tried to keep low calorie & high protein when possible. Lack of structure as I was waiting a lot of the time for buliders/ trades people to call and had to be ready to go when they did.crap, disappointed that the weight hasn't decreased. I do feel stronger though & a little more toned even though the numbers didn't really change and scales increased. Not giving up though!Water Sleep time for me
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI was busy and not getting enough sleepA lot betterMore protein Better sleep
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoi don't know!awfulwater water water steps protein time for me.
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoI got lazy..A little bit betterMore protein More sleep Positive mindset
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoLack of sleep meant less energy in the mrn. Feeling very sluggish. In terms of work I got a bit done which has reduced my stress. I'm currently on my holidays as I'm a teacher so don't leave out clothes... absolutely hate doing it and need to buy new clothes but "always waiting to lose weight". Hate shopping & clothes shopping really puts me in a bad mood!Don't feel as "yuck" in myself as I usually do when I have my period.Track and drink water Work over the weekend when my husband is home to reduce stress. Taking parental leave for two weeks next week and had felt guilty but I'm delighted that I've done it now - need it for my mental health. Hit calories and protein target
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoOnly started this groupNot too bad just have fat belly want get rid hate it that’s only place I want lose fatGet started
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoYesNot working at the moment so didn’t feel the need to lay out clothes. Morning routine was messed up due to lack of sleep. Planning out food helps but some days I didn’t stick to the plan due to being tired etc.Not goodGet back on track with food. Hit calorie and protein target every day. Gym 3 times. Try to hit steps every day
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoBusy/lazy!Terrible.Prepare my food for work the night before Get a walk in every day Get my protein goal each day
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoWas sickOkPlan meals Increase steps More me time
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoMade the beds, usually just do the kids but made sure our room was a bit tidier to make it more restful Don't leave clothes out ever, not back to work for another two weeks, never leave out clothes as my body could be really bloated and I never know how I'll feel or what will fit me in the mrn. Changes daily! Need to plan more meals but have been out and about with the kids so I brought protein powder to make shakes to help if I'm on the go and also helps to increase my protein.Biggest reason I'm doing this is that I hate myself, my body, I'm my own worst critic. I want to feel comfortable in myself, my clothes without starving myself, be a good role model for my kids and not feel like crap/embarrassed when my husband wants to show me affectionDrinking water Plan meals Do something nice for just me!
Selected Value: 4 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoI think for reasons I've already said, along with my stress. spent a day and a half being sad about my boyfriend moving away too so the positives that came from those days were forced and few. I don't wanna focus on why I didn't do x, y, z rn tbh cause I think it'll just make me feel bad about myself, I'd like to just think about some of the good things that I did do and try do more of them next week. I stuck to all of the above yesterday and yesterday only. It felt mentally taxing though haha. I've started journalling and I've always been notoriously bad at that because I think it takes such an effort and im bad at maintaining it. but I know it has so many benefits and I obviously felt good after I did it, like exercise lol.not good and hasn't been for a while. I used to be 70kg, during various lockdowns, I found it so easy to eat well and exercise and walk loads then, obviously cause there was nothing else do to. but the multitasking of life is so annoying and frustrating. since covid I have gained maybe 12-15kg back, the weight I was before covid. it devastates me to think about tbh.I can improve on my water 100%! I feel like that's an easy controllable. I can improve on the fresh air that I give myself, if I miss a workout here or there not to be hard on myself but at least add or replace those sessions with more walks. Use all of these techniques as a form of wellness rather than strict rules I NEED to comply to because I just flat out don't like my body. Lol unfortunately being nice to myself with regards to health and fitness is such a struggle for my I always feel like im not doing enough. Even though I know the last month I haven't been, I also haven't wanted to think about or address any of those shortcomings because I don't wanna make myself feel worse. So just trying to focus on improving in the future.
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesYesN/aOnly okayStick to calories Hit protein goals Keep up steps
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYesCause they make me feel good and preparedSluggish and fluffyBe more consistent & disciplined Keep showing up And enjoy the process
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoFirst weekAwful- Stick to the plan
Selected Value: 1 (1 min / 5 max)NoNoNoNoNNN
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesYesTo be prepared. Different mornings each day so no routineNot goodTry not to overdo it on holiday
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesNoNoJust starting out but I will tryFeel awful about myself, really overweight and struggling hoping that will change soonDrink 2 litres of water Stick to nutrition goals Be organised Don't let a bad moment ruin the day/week
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)NoYesYesNoStaying at Darragh's and no food in the housePoor-Track calories -Improve steps -Increase water
Selected Value: 2 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesNoNoStart statsNaStart programme. Track calories. Drink water.
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesYes..Not great- plan meals better for weekend - be more organised for work - push myself more in the gym
Selected Value: 3 (1 min / 5 max)YesYesYesNoHabitHorrifiedProtein intake Calorie deficit More movement